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Monday, 4 May 2015

Gourmet Gadgetry Electric Popcorn Maker Review

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with savory popcorn!  When Walkers bought out their own Cheesy popcorn in my tweens, I was obsessed.  I loved the taste, the branding and even now almost 16 years later I still know all the words to the advert!

Sadly I seemed to be one of the few that loved the extreme cheesy taste and the product was soon pulled.  Over the years I have resorted to all kinds of inferior products to get my popcorn fix, but none lived up to the taste of Sundog. 

The popcorn industry in the US has been going strong for years, but it's only recently starting to catch on in the UK and I am in my element!  My absolute favourite is Tyrells Sour Cream and Jalepeno Proper Popcorn

The flavors may not be as punchy as I'd like, but they are so savory that it ticks all my boxes!  The problem is that this stuff is pretty over-priced (1,275% mark up for most popcorn!) and this particular blend is becoming increasingly hard to find.

There is a solution to being such a cheapskate fuss pot, make my own!

I admit that microwavable butter popcorn has long been a guilty pleasure of mine, but the calories are pretty intense and we try to limit the amount of microwaved food we consume.  I have been considering an electric air popper for ages, but never got round to buying one.  However last December the Mr decided to take me to Lakeland to pick my Christmas presents and when I saw this beautiful red machine I decided to take a gamble!

 It is marketed as a 'retro design' I'm not sure I would agree with this, but I do love the red (it matches my kitchen).

It is a very simple mechanism with an inner chamber that rotates at speed whilst circulating really hot air.  This hot air pops the kernels and et voila, popcorn!  Above the chute is space to store the measuring scoop, this not only delivers the right amount of kernels without the need to weigh them, but you can also place butter in it and the heat from the popper will melt it providing a perfect popcorn topping!

We've used this a handful of times now and I can honestly say I'm really pleased with it.  The simplicity is actually really impressive and although air popcorn is reputed to have a slightly drier taste and texture, but for me personally this method doesn't detract from the taste.

There are tons of popcorn flavoring recipes out there now and Asda have even started selling their own seasonings.

We've tried the Nacho Cheese and Sweet and Salty, both of which are devine.  I also plan to purchase some gourmet flavorings at some stage too!