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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Already Considering Christmas!

Well at the beginning of this year I swore that I would be super organised and have all manner of home made pressies ready for when Christmas roles round - I managed to knit the pieces for a kitty scarf;

Which I was planning on delivering to someone very special.  I had a lovely family member make me one for the Christmas just gone and I was seriously almost moved to tears!  I understood how much time and concentration would go into knitting a pattern on this scale and as she has a small child and knitted one for my sister in law too, I truly felt honoured.

After spending weeks revisiting my basic knitting techniques, and then weeks actually completing the pattern, the individual pieces stayed in my knitting bag and I was planning on sewing them together in the Autumn.  However our latest little arrival the Cookie Monster......

......decided that obviously my neon pink spotted knitting bag was actually a puppy pad in disguise and so decided to anoint it with her own home-made truffles :( Everything had to be thrown away and it meant that 3 months of knitting (I know I'm slow) had been wasted.  Unsurprisingly after this I kind of lost my motivation.  I had even managed to amend the original pattern so that the ears were stiffer (mine don't always stay upright meaning you don't always get the cute cat look) and hide the inner ear stitching (original pattern shows the bright pink ear stitching on the reverse of the ears - very visible when worn) so was distraught to learn it had all been a waste :(

Well I have been sharing my makes with friends and family on facebook and a few friends have said they are jealous of my crafting.  I shared how it was just an outlet and that anyone could learn and I quickly found myself with some eager participants!  We have decided to have regular crafting sessions as not only will my own special therapy help with the miscarriage grief, I will also be socialising more which will help keep my mind off things!

Our first session is this Saturday and to make an easy one we are considering bunting.  Now I love cute countrified, gingham kitchen accessories but one of my friends has more of an eye for the unique and so when I saw this from Domestic Sluttery in my facebook feed I just had to share it with her!

As predicted she loved it and so she will be concentrating on this while I make some cute kitsch bunting with a kawaii twist!

I am hoping that this is going to lead to lot's more craft sessions which will help me build up a nice stock-pile of hand-made gifts.  I obviously won't be able to make gifts for everyone but I am going to do my best to make them for almost all!

Monday, 28 May 2012

My Sugar Skull and Strawberry Hair Creations

So after my last post I was most definitely on a mission to craft to distract!  I am ecstatic to note that I have been super successful and have some cute wonderful accessories to enjoy as well!

As I promised; I did complete my hair bands and am ready to share, so here goes!

Sugar Skull Hair-band

I love a bit of unique styling and after a close friend had some gorgeous sugar skull tattoo's done I soon became a fan.  This was simple to make but the detailing was all hand painted so very time consuming.  I wasn't overly happy with the top middle painting as wanted it more symmetrical but I was following a pattern and wanted to stick religiously to it.  I think next time I will go a bit more free-style

Sugar Skull Hello Kitty Hair-Band

I love Hello Kitty and am also quite partial to a mix of cute and dark so this fit the bill perfectly!  I really like how the face turned out on this band but am not overly keep on the ears.  Next time I may try to use a sharpie for fine detailing like this as I feel it would made a more crisp design.

Chocolate Strawberry Hair-Band

I loved this one from the moment I made it!  Sadly I originally placed it too far up the hair band (I like things to be on the side of the head rather then too close to the top) and it was a struggle to remove without damaging it.  I have actually worn this a few times already as it is so sweet and summery!

I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to wear the sugar skull head-bands in normal everyday outings but I think for a night on the town in some of my preferred music venues they would go down well!

I have also created my very first skirt!  I love a 50's inspired design and when I learnt that circle skirts were easy to make, I was smitten!

I think this took me about 5 hours and that was with making my own pattern.  I had originally brought the fabric for cushion covers but never got round to completing.  It sure does make a cute skirt though!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

So much can happen in just two little months!

Well after my mood killing post in March it was strange that we should find ourselves pregnant the very month that I had decided to give up.
My husband was sticking to his gluten free diet and I was being a good little girl and taking my clomid despite it turning me into a raving psycho she devil from hell.  As with most women that are pregnant after a loss I was convinced that we would end up miscarrying again and sadly I was right.  I don't really feel like going into all the details right now as it is just far too depressing but the basics are that we lost the baby at the same point as the first (between 5 and 6 weeks) and yet again my body hasn't realised what has happened so I am just waiting to miscarry.  I would have been 9 weeks today and unfortunately my body is still producing enough of the pregnancy hormone for me to be feeling all of the pregnancy symptoms.  It is getting quite frustrating that at least 3 weeks after our baby stopped growing I am still waiting for my body to catch up.  It is difficult to claw back normality when you know that your body is still 'pregnant'.
Because of all the recent sadness and the fact that I am off of work until something happens I have turned to crafting in an effort to distract myself from the horrors and help to maintain some small sense of self worth and 'happiness'.  I personally get a huge sense of satisfaction when someone compliments me on something that I have hand made.
My latest craze is hair accessories and after ordering some Alice bands from ebay I currently have 5 different projects on the go!
One is complete but after being ecstatic with the main creation - a large chocolate covered strawberry, I am very disappointed with the placement on the band.  Stupidly I placed the strawberry too high up on the band so it looks like it is almost grazing the centre point.  I personally prefer a sideways slant to hair accessories.  I may go back to it today and try to remove it from the band to reposition, the only problem is not only was it glued on with an epoxy resin but the rear was also re-covered in fimo for added security.  I have a feeling this repositioning may all end in tears but I refuse to photograph and share until I am happy with the end result!
I also have a hand painted sugar skull on the go along with a zombie hello kitty!  I am not happy with the scale of the sugar skull - I think it is too large but looking at other 'alternative' hair accessories on the internet maybe the scale isn't too off.  I want to finish it off with some gorgeous flower and glass beads to give it a more 'authentic' feel.
I have some fabric roses that have been made from ribbon and off-cuts that I am hoping to add some cute sparkles to and then add to a band for a sweet summery take on my hair accessories - polar opposite to the sugar skull and zombie kitty!  I plan to make some sweet leopard print and red heart buttons from polymer clay and have some gorgeous leopard print ribbon on order so I can make contrasting black and leopard ribbon roses and add the contrasting buttons - I think this may become my favourite!
Have googled polymer clay flower tutorials and if there is time I may even whip a few of those out!  Depending on how I get on with the Alice Bands I may branch out into hair clips and miniature versions.  I am a little obsessed with hair accessories and am enjoying designing my own!

To actually share something of my crafting with you I spent hours creating these gorgeous mini mouse nails!

Nothing like a bit of nail art to make me feel better!

Mission for today is to complete some of my half finished designs (have a tendency to wonder off onto something else before completing) and then hopefully can upload some photo's!