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Monday, 28 May 2012

My Sugar Skull and Strawberry Hair Creations

So after my last post I was most definitely on a mission to craft to distract!  I am ecstatic to note that I have been super successful and have some cute wonderful accessories to enjoy as well!

As I promised; I did complete my hair bands and am ready to share, so here goes!

Sugar Skull Hair-band

I love a bit of unique styling and after a close friend had some gorgeous sugar skull tattoo's done I soon became a fan.  This was simple to make but the detailing was all hand painted so very time consuming.  I wasn't overly happy with the top middle painting as wanted it more symmetrical but I was following a pattern and wanted to stick religiously to it.  I think next time I will go a bit more free-style

Sugar Skull Hello Kitty Hair-Band

I love Hello Kitty and am also quite partial to a mix of cute and dark so this fit the bill perfectly!  I really like how the face turned out on this band but am not overly keep on the ears.  Next time I may try to use a sharpie for fine detailing like this as I feel it would made a more crisp design.

Chocolate Strawberry Hair-Band

I loved this one from the moment I made it!  Sadly I originally placed it too far up the hair band (I like things to be on the side of the head rather then too close to the top) and it was a struggle to remove without damaging it.  I have actually worn this a few times already as it is so sweet and summery!

I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to wear the sugar skull head-bands in normal everyday outings but I think for a night on the town in some of my preferred music venues they would go down well!

I have also created my very first skirt!  I love a 50's inspired design and when I learnt that circle skirts were easy to make, I was smitten!

I think this took me about 5 hours and that was with making my own pattern.  I had originally brought the fabric for cushion covers but never got round to completing.  It sure does make a cute skirt though!

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