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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Already Considering Christmas!

Well at the beginning of this year I swore that I would be super organised and have all manner of home made pressies ready for when Christmas roles round - I managed to knit the pieces for a kitty scarf;

Which I was planning on delivering to someone very special.  I had a lovely family member make me one for the Christmas just gone and I was seriously almost moved to tears!  I understood how much time and concentration would go into knitting a pattern on this scale and as she has a small child and knitted one for my sister in law too, I truly felt honoured.

After spending weeks revisiting my basic knitting techniques, and then weeks actually completing the pattern, the individual pieces stayed in my knitting bag and I was planning on sewing them together in the Autumn.  However our latest little arrival the Cookie Monster......

......decided that obviously my neon pink spotted knitting bag was actually a puppy pad in disguise and so decided to anoint it with her own home-made truffles :( Everything had to be thrown away and it meant that 3 months of knitting (I know I'm slow) had been wasted.  Unsurprisingly after this I kind of lost my motivation.  I had even managed to amend the original pattern so that the ears were stiffer (mine don't always stay upright meaning you don't always get the cute cat look) and hide the inner ear stitching (original pattern shows the bright pink ear stitching on the reverse of the ears - very visible when worn) so was distraught to learn it had all been a waste :(

Well I have been sharing my makes with friends and family on facebook and a few friends have said they are jealous of my crafting.  I shared how it was just an outlet and that anyone could learn and I quickly found myself with some eager participants!  We have decided to have regular crafting sessions as not only will my own special therapy help with the miscarriage grief, I will also be socialising more which will help keep my mind off things!

Our first session is this Saturday and to make an easy one we are considering bunting.  Now I love cute countrified, gingham kitchen accessories but one of my friends has more of an eye for the unique and so when I saw this from Domestic Sluttery in my facebook feed I just had to share it with her!

As predicted she loved it and so she will be concentrating on this while I make some cute kitsch bunting with a kawaii twist!

I am hoping that this is going to lead to lot's more craft sessions which will help me build up a nice stock-pile of hand-made gifts.  I obviously won't be able to make gifts for everyone but I am going to do my best to make them for almost all!

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