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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer is here!

Well amazingly we have had pretty much a whole week of Sun in the south of the UK!

I even managed a beach trip on Tuesday!  We went to Studland beach and had to walk for almost 30 minutes to and from the car; in heat of about 29 degrees.  Now to those that are none UK natives, I am sure that 29 degrees is nothing.  To me however, it was hell!  Being beyond pale and covered in freckles and moles (one of which had to be removed in 2010 and screened) means that sun screen has to be re-applied religiously!  The traffic was hell and I needed to pee, but almost 90 minutes after setting out, we were finally there - and boy was it worth it!

I am actually fortunate enough to live a 5 minute walk from the quay and a 40 minute walk from the local beach, but we knew it would be packed; and there was no way I was carrying the picnic food and drinks all that way!  Besides, sometimes it is just plain nicer to be adventurous and deviate from the local!

There is talk of selling our home :( I am gutted, but sadly it is something we may have very little choice over.  The best I can do is try to increase the re-sale price as much as possible to ensure our new home is just as nice.

We have a lovely balcony that has dual sea views (or sea glimpses as I call them).  Although our balcony is 20ft long, for some bizarre reason it is only 2ft wide!  We have never been able to use this as functional space and it had been relegated to the doggy run (good thing we have narrow Chihuahua's to fit with our narrow balcony!).  I know that outside space = £ and decided to do a little research.  According to a few sites I found, the average New York balcony is a similar width but by only 8ft and they still manage to pack lots on!

After two days of trawling through design sites, I decided to set myself a budget of £50 and transform the balcony into something functional and pretty;

We have our appraisal on Tuesday and if we get the green light, I just know that having this will help a buyer see that with a little shopping around the space is usable.  If we don't get the green light then I have enough strawberry and mint growing to keep me in Pimms for the Summer and finally a lovely balcony to enjoy it on!

My neighbours are more more fortunate then I with their balcony widths, but other then a few scrappy lawn chairs, their balconies are empty!  I often gaze longingly at them, enviously picturing a free standing hammock in which to read in :(

Who knows, if we do have to move then perhaps the new flat will have more outdoor space, and a bigger kitchen!  Well a girl can dream.....

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  1. Our flat in London has a balcony, we couldn't live without it, in the middle of the city having a little space outside to sit in and grow flowers feels like a necessity. When we can afford a flat with a garden I will miss having a balcony and the views. Beach looks lovely! When it got hot that week I escaped to Scotland, I can't handle the heat!