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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Thoughts of Christmas Craft

A few months ago I started a board on pinterest labelled Home Made Gift Ideas.  This is basically an online collection of crafts that I have stumbled across that would make perfect pressies.

We will officially be in September next week and that means less then 4 months to go until Christmas!  Each year I claim that I will be super organised and then fail miserably, this year failure is not an option!  I will be digging out the knitting needles to re-do the project I originally completed at the beginning of the year (sadly my knitted gift died a doggy related death) and am hoping that I have enough time left to make a few!

I am going sloe picking with a bestie next Sunday as I discovered gin last Christmas, and am determined to make it my new festive tradition!  Sloe gin seems to be linked strongly with Christmas which means it will make perfect gifts (if I manage to not drink it all).  I am on a mission to find a lovely sloe gin recipe that will really wow the recipients!

In early Summer some friends and I trawled car boot sales for glass ware.  I now have an assembled collection of clear bottles, vases and containers that need to be transformed into lovely pieces.  It started when I stumbled across this adorable DIY etched trifle bowl;

Although not a big trifle fan, I do make one for my husband each year during Christmas gatherings, and I just couldn't stop fantasising about how amazing it would look in this!

I have trawled ebay and many car boot sales to find a bowl that comes close, but to no avail.  I can purchase a new one for £40 but this goes against my thrify up-cycling nature - the search continues!

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