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Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Very Own Work Room!

When we first moved into our flat, I gave Chris the run of the spare room.  Fast forward to 3 years later and we have a disused games room, and a very stressed person trying to run two businesses from home (one heavily craft based) with another fledgling paper craft business on the way.  The cry of; "I need more space" is a very common one in our home, and tantrums over losing paper work during the office to dining table shuffle is an almost daily occurrence.  With me trying to focus more on expanding my businesses to realize the dream of working from home full time, I finally decided my need for a permanent office was greater then my need for an under-used games room.

Although very small, the jewelry business takes up a lot of space.  The supplies are numerous and difficult to keep track of, and it is not unusual to have to wrestle one of the dogs to prize a lovely Amethyst stone from their jaws - not a cheap snack!  To safe-guard my dogs and to protect my poor supplies from having to be binned, I needed a set area that can be closed off from the cheeky Chihuahua's.

I was so very proud of my first Cameo make that I immediately uploaded it to facebook.  I then had a lovely lady contact me about the possibility of making her Christmas gift boxes - of course I jumped at the chance.  After she chatted to friends and showed them my designs, they in turn requested boxes and bags, and before I knew it I had a lovely large order to fill.  Unlike the jewelry which takes up very little assembly space, the cameo needs a huge area to cut in and then even more space for me to piece together the cuts.  Believe me when I state that working at a dining table in between meals is no fun!

Our spare room is a small double meaning that there is plenty of space for a huge cut table, a desk and lots of shelves to keep all my supplies tidy.  The only thing that was stopping me was the fact it was filled with a large futon, my husbands PC and a large TV.  The futon is rarely used, we generally don't have over-night guests and if we do, we have two double air-beds.  The obvious solution was to sell it, and I did!  It was snapped up within a day of being placed on Gumtree (UK version of Craigs List) and the £60 I sold it for has given me a make-over budget.  The PC has been hooked up to our new TV in the lounge, and the other TV has been placed in the bedroom.

I knew that a standard desk was not going to be big enough to use as a cut table, and after my husband noticed the alphabet letters that I had accidentally stamped into our dining table (recently tried my hand at metal stamping my jewelry), it was logical that I take our existing dining table and buy a new one to replace it.

I have managed to steal all of the book shelves (I'm a big reader) and utilise any unused space to house paper and jewelry supplies.  I have so far spent £0 of my budget, and my new office is working fantastically! I plan to purchase a cheap desk to complete my paper work on and obviously I need to replace the swiped dining table, but I have high hopes that I will come in on budget!

So I am sat here at just before 1am enjoying my new space, whilst my Cameo is merrily chugging along next to me, cutting out my latest order.

I have lots of wonderful photo's to share with you all, and will hopefully be updating in the next few days!

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