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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Rocky Road Slices Recipe - Nigella Style

Some of you may remember that I over-hauled Nigella's frangipane mince pie recipe a few weeks ago, well I had already made these bad boys and stuck them in the freezer ready for Christmas.  Now they are defrosted and nearly gone I thought I better share the recipe with you.

This recipe is perfect for those with littlies that like to feel they are helping to bake, as there is very little cooking involved - the majority is weighing and mixing :)

As with all my borrowed recipes, this involves a few tweaks to make it personal to me :) Baking isn't about rigid directions, it's about adaption, experimentation and most importantly having fun!


250g dark chocolate
150g milk chocolate
175g salted butter at room temperature
4 tbl spoons golden syrup
125g amaretti biscuits
75g chocolate cookies
150g hazlenuts
150g glace cherries
125g mini marshmallows


Chop the chocolate into small chunks and place in a pan with the butter and golden syrup.  Gently heat over a medium heat.

Place the biscuits into a freezer bag and bash with either a rolling pin or pestle.  You need a combination of crumbs and different sized chunks - this recipe is all about the different textures within the chocolate.

Repeat the same procedure with the hazlenuts and place in a large bowl with the biscuits and marshmallows

Cut the glace cherries into different sized pieces and add to the nuts, marshmallows and biscuits

Once the chocolate, butter and syrup has fully melted, remove from the heat

Pour the chocolate mix over the biscuits, nuts, marshmallows and cherries.  Using a large spoon, very carefully stir to coat everything in the chocolate mix.

Tip into a large foil tin (either square or rectangular) and spread out with a spoon - try to make the depth as even as possible.

Place in the fridge to firm (about 2 hours)

Once set, take a ruler and measure the tin.  Decide on how large you would like your pieces, and mark with the ruler and a knife.  Cut through gently.

These can either be eaten straight away, or frozen.  If freezing, ensure they are tightly wrapped to prevent freezer burn.  They will take a few hours to defrost, and should be stored in an air tight container for up-to a week.

You can dust with icing sugar, but personally I hate the stuff!

Check the beautiful glass stand and dome that I got for Christmas, perfect for displaying and storing these bad boys in ;)

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