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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wizard of Oz DIY Wine Glass - Dishwasher Safe

So a few weeks ago I stumbled across glitter wine glasses and mugs (read my diy here) I have been wanting to transform a wine glass since I spotted the original pinterest posts, but didn't want to do the stereotypical covered wine glass.

The Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite films, and after posting about it on my shop page I realized that I wasn't alone.  When I posted our latest paper cut, things went a bit crazy!

Inspired by the obvious interest, I went back to pinterest and found this

I was smitten!  I had found a wine glass design that would do my new craft justice!

So following the same steps as the mug tutorial, I covered stem and base in ruby red glitter, and used my silhouette cameo to add a Dorothy vinyl decal and an adorable gingham bow.  I am so in love with the results! <3

Depending on how well my facebook fans receive the pics, I am hoping to do a glass for each of the main characters!  I can't help but think that they would be the most adorable thing ever!


  1. Where did you get the decals? I've been looking everywhere for decent wine glass decals but to no avail!

    1. I made them :) If you would like to purchase one, please send me a message at

    2. Hi Danielle

      I love your blog and just wanted to say thanks for being so inspiring with your posts and sharing all the things you get up to.

    3. Aww thank you so much Cassy :) I'm glad to see you enjoy reading it!