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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wii Console Games vs the Gym - Initial Purchases

So the challenge was to try and get all of my starting items for as close to the £35 monthly gym fee as possible. I succeeded! All of the above came in at £38 - the £3 over spend was on batteries and in all honesty we could have probably done without them, but I wanted to avoid any battery hogging conflict with the Mr ;) To give you some idea of what I got for my cash, here is the breakdown.

  • Wii console, controller, nunchuck, balance board, wii fit and all cables - £25
  • Wii fit plus - £3.50
  • My fitness coach - £1.50
  • Just Dance - £5
  • 4 x rechargeable batteries - £2
  • 11 x AA batteries - £1

The console came from gumtree (plenty of similarly priced ones in our area) the extra games are pre-owned from CEX and the batteries are from the 99p store.

The more observant of you will notice I have both wii fit and wii fit plus. Technically wii fit plus is the original wii fit game with extra, so I don't need the original. I can part exchange this for perhaps 50p in CEX the next time I'm in. Not great money, but it all helps!

So this is my starting point. I am hoping to purchase EA active 2 with the heart monitor and accessories, but they did not have any of these in my local CEX. Ebay are stocking them for £8 including postage, but I shall try and hunt one out for cheaper!

I know a lot of people will argue that there are better fitness games available for consoles on the Xbox or Playstation, although I agree to a certain extent, the big difference is the price. The wii console and games are a fraction of the price of the others, and a large part of this experiment is keeping costs low.

My next post will be all about my first day of using and a brief look at Just Dance and Wii Fit Plus.

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