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Saturday, 17 October 2015

In progress video walk through of the house over-haul!

Since getting the keys to our home 10 weeks ago so many things have changed.  At one point the house literally looked like a building site!  Walls were knocked back to bare plaster, dado rails ripped out, doors removed, carpets torn up, fixtures and fittings gutted and the cloakroom suite completely ripped out.

Thankfully we are now on the final stretch (under 6 weeks until we hopefully move in!) and I wanted to do a video walk through to document just how far we have come in our renovation journey.  In hindsight, shooting in landscape would have been a much better idea, but sorry folks you'll just have to put up with the scaled down view!

If you can't remember the condition of the house when we moved in, I featured it in a blog post here :)

Our home is definitely one built from love as it is thanks to amazing parents, friends and family that we have achieved so very much.  The Mr and I have sadly had minimal input with the physical side of things (joys of ill health for the Mr and pregnancy ailments for me!) but we are so very blessed to have such an amazing support network.

As the video says, let me know what you think in the comments!

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