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Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy 2016!

Well 2015 is over and today we are enjoying the first day of 2016!

2015 was certainly eventful and although I lost my much beloved Nan, we have come through the year being thankful for all that happened too.  I am currently 8 and a bit months pregnant and we finally moved into our forever house a few weeks ago.

As we move into the new year I'm in a quandary about what to do with this blog.  Trying to conceive has been such a huge part of my life for over 5 years, but that chapter is about to come to an end.  My blogging and crafting hobbies helped enormously with regaining a sense of self that our miscarriages and struggles robbed me of, but at the same time I don't know where my new role as a Mother will leave these priorities.

Most importantly I am all too aware of the lovely people that read this blog that are still trying to achieve their dream of parenthood and I don't want them to have to read about the new baby and have it feel as if it's being rubbed in.  I have been there and I know that no-matter how happy you are for the new parents, there is always a bubble of resentment beneath the surface, the 'why not me?'

So as I move in to 2016 I am left with two options;
  • Call time on my beloved Ramblings of a Baby Making Addict blog and start anew
  • Update and re-name the blog to focus on our new chapter
Both have pros and cons and it is a decision that I have been pondering for some time.  I know however that with only 3 and a bit weeks to go until D-day I need to make it fast!

I wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous 2016!

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