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Friday, 25 November 2011

First Fertility Appointment

Well the month has plodded on and we had our first appointment with the fertility specialist today.  I would love to say that I came away full of hope and smiles but that just isn't me.

I know I shouldn't grumble as it's NHS but I'm going to.  We were advised to allow 2 hours for our appointment and so we wasted a small fortune at the hospital car park making sure our ticket was valid for three only to be back in the car 30 minutes later :(  The actual appointment lasted about 15 minutes with the rest of the time walking to different departments to drop in paperwork.

The specialist was polite but blunt and straight to the point.  Usually this is something that I can appreciate but not when it comes to our infertility.  The plan of action is a HSG for me and another analysis for him.

Trying to focus on the fact that things are moving along and I am being tested but from things said at the appointment I have this sinking feeling that I am going to be fobbed off with my existing meds for longer if things come back clear for us both.  Problem is my GP already advised me that remaining on these particular meds for more then 12 months severely heightens the risk of ovarian cancer, unfortunately my specialist is adopting the attitude of; 'it will be fine because I say so'.  If I held any high hope that these will actually work then perhaps I would be more willing to take a gamble with my health in later life but the fact that I have been on them for 9 months now with no success is making me somewhat despondent.

Moving away from the dark cloud that is fertility plans are under way for Christmas!  I have this pet peeve with debt and Christmas, I love Christmas and believe that it's true nature shouldn't be sullied by accumulating masses of new debt to start the new year with.  Based on the fact that the bank is almost knocking the door the worry of extra debt is certainly hanging over my head.  It is for this reason (and the hope of enjoying a once in a lifetime trip to Japan next year) that I have decided that we will be having a home-made Christmas!

I will update once I have some more ideas and photo's!

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