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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Finished Hampers

Happy New Years to you all!

Apologies for being AWOL over the last 11 days - Christmas happened and despite the businesses being technically closed, I still managed to find lots of work that needed doing ;)

So on my last post I shared some of my Christmas bakes, so now I thought I would share some of the finished hamper pictures.  These went down an absolute storm and I think it was mainly due to the gorgeous packaging.  To me personally, the thing that takes a home baked presents from being seen as left overs to a thoughtful gift is the packaging.  This year I thought long and hard about how to present, and I am really happy with the results - have I mentioned how much I love my Silhouette Cameo? ;)

 On my last post I explained how I transformed the retro glass sweet jar - this is the finished article (complete with home made gift tag) and I think it is pretty easy to see why I adore it so much!  This was for Chris's Grandparents food hamper - they love Shortbread and were looking forward to trying the recipe that their daughter had been raving about.

These boxes turned out to be a perfect fit for the truffles - I really love the Christmas ribbon and I think my candy-cane gift tag complemented it well.

We did a smaller food hamper for Chris's Auntie - Instead of the sweetie jar filled with bakes, I had this smaller box.  I loved the 3D effect of the snowflake, even if it did make it a pain to try and fasten the tag!  I originally wanted a blue lid with a white base, but I was running low on white and had to make do with the red.  I think it actually turned out better then my original designs.

This is the grandparents finished hamper - the tins were from poundland and a perfect size for adding all the jars.  I have a bit of a cellophane fetish - I personally think that they make a gift look more professional, plus it helps to keep everything together for transportation.

Aunties hamper was a lot harder to wrap due to the hexagon box shape.  I couldn't find a sturdy base that was big enough to fit everything on, the air was blue whilst trying to cellophane this.

The lesson learned has to be forward planning.  I didn't decide/make the packing until the actual morning that I needed to give the presents - big mistake!  Next year, all packaging will be made by August - I'm not kidding!

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