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Thursday, 4 July 2013

AWOL Again!

Apologies to regular readers, I know I have been somewhat lax recently but I have a really good reason - no really it is a good one!

We have the first craft fair of the Summer lined up for this weekend (Sunday 7th July) and in a bid to not be running around like a loon at the last minute under-prepared, I have been snowed under with making and assembly for the last few weeks.

In my head it would be easy; grab some shop stock, cobble together some signs and I would be ready.  Sadly this was not the case, two weeks later and I am still spending every waking moment rushing about.  What I predict will take just an hour or two seems to be stretching into 4 or 5!  I have learnt that I grossly miscalculate time predictions, thank goodness I started well in advance.

So here is a photo of our first mock set up - proof that I have indeed been busy!

There are about 14 papercuts that have been made just for this show - along with a dozen or so ones that will be sold unframed.  Posters have had to be re-printed and bagged, jewellery has has to be made and nifty packaging designed and made from scratch.

Although somewhat stressful, I have really enjoyed it :) Hope to update soon with the final trial run, this will be a dress rehearsal with full signage on display :)

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