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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Alice in Wonderland Obsession

Now it isn't exactly a secret that I have a love for Alice in Wonderland, and seeing as it is my shops most popular item, it would appear I am not the only one!

After several hours of painstakingly detailed digital colouring I have managed to create this;

I know I'm biased, but I absolutely love it!  I have a feeling that it will be the first of many in this series :)

Here are the other Alice in Wonderland items in my shop;

To celebrate the launch of our latest Alice in Wonderland print, I decided to create a treasury filled with beautiful handmade Alice in Wonderland items from other Etsy sellers, it can be found here.


  1. Have you got these on facebook hun? I have a friend who would love them x (Pateroo MSE) x

  2. Hi Lovely Pateroo, I do have these on facebook :) You can find them in my Items for sale album;