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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Creative Colours Nail Polish / Varnish Review

So I was bought this awesome Christmas present by my little sister

I was genuinely touched, not only did she put a lot of thought into it, but the actual nail polish colours are beautiful!

I've never heard of the brand creative colour before, and was quite intrigued to try it out.

I am impressed!  The pigment colour was fantastic and it was really easy to apply.  The picture above is metallic blue layered with black and silver glitter.  Unlike most metallic colours, the blue only needed one coat!  Admittedly if I wasn't layering with the glitter I may have done two coats as when I held my nails up to the light it was a little patchy in places.

The brush was standard, no frills, but easy to use.  My only complaints were that the glitter varnish got quite gloopy towards the end of my second hand (the bottle was open for less than 8 minutes), and the thin layers took forever to dry!  Seriously I was having to wait between 10-15 minutes until they were ready for the next coat.  However seeing as I like to take time on my nails and watch Dexter on Netflix this isn't such a huge issue.

This brand also works out cheaper than MUA when bought in bulk - you can get their 'party pack' of 8 colours for under £5 on Amazon, and the great gift pack I was given is only £10 on ebay :)

Sadly there doesn't seem to be much of a colour selection, and they don't seem to sell the colours individually.  But the selection of shades they do have seem to cover all the basics, and have some pretty awesome glitter ones too.

I am a definite fan!


  1. hi! thanks for the review! I founded this nails set on e-bay.. I would to buy this... Can I ask you a question, please? Is this set made in China? I'm not a fan of made in China product...
    thanks! ;)

  2. Hi there Roxygen, I am afraid I don't actually know whether this has been made in china. I do however know that even if it was, it must have passed all EU laws and legislation (ingredients etc) to be sold in the UK.
    I hope this helps :)