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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Superdrug Colour Rewind - Hair Dye Remover Review - Part Two

If you haven't read it yet, I would recommend that you seek out part one of the review, that can be found here.

Firstly the more observant of you will notice that this post is almost 7 months late!  In fact I thought my hopes of a follow up were dashed when I accidentally manged to delete all the photographs I had taken for part two.  If it wasn't for a reader asking about the follow up, it may have never made it into print!

 Now waffling aside, I must make an apology.  As the original photographs are lost forever, I have had to scour my facebook page for photographs that were taken around about the time I did the second application and some more recent photographs for you to compare with.  These photographs are not the best, but they should help highlight the subtle changes in shade.

I should start by saying that I was thoroughly unimpressed with the second application.  My hair was only slightly lighter and despite rinsing for almost an hour, it darkened with time again!  I have read varying reviews of colour correctors as a whole, and there are a few that have said that 3 are needed to shift the toughest of colours.  I remain skeptical that this is the case, I have considered going for number 3, but I've also considered going back to dyed hair too.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

This is my original dyed hair colour - it's kind of a dark brown with hints of red

This is my colour the day after the first application

This is my hair colour the day after the second application

This is my messy hair a week or so after the second application

This is my hair four and a half months after the second application.

This is a much, much younger version of me (crafting) and is one of the only photographs in existence my natural hair colour

Although my hair is most definitely lighter, it is still quite far from my natural shade.

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