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Saturday, 17 November 2012

First Christmas Present is Complete! Knitted Converse Booties

Well, almost two weeks ago my car decided to break down :( Trying to be super thrifty, I attempted a DIY fix and prayed it was just the battery being affected by the cold weather.  Sadly it wasn't and my little Smartie decided to cost me £700!

Down side to this is that we have been pretty much cleared out of our Christmas present fund, the upside to this was that I was forced to stay at home.  In a way, this was a positive thing.  Chris is always complaining that I never take the time to just relax, that all my time is spent running around after the businesses or visiting family.  Without a car, I had no choice but to stay in.

Trying to make the most of my time, I decided to start on Christmas preparations =D I now have 11 jars of pickled onions (5 plain, 6 spiced) fermenting away in my cupboards and I have finally managed to complete my first Christmas present.  I honestly was worried it wasn't going to happen, shamefully these have been about 6 months in the making - but here they are;

I had originally planned to make these as a new baby gift for Chris's youngest second cousin - he is almost 10 months now!  I made a cute bumble bee fixie hat for him to celebrate his birth and hopefully he will just about get a month or so wear from these little bad boys.

When I originally started this project (way back in February 2012) I used a pattern that a lovely lady on LiveJournal supplied - but after 3 attempts I was ready to give up.  The rounded white tip just wasn't symmetrical and it was driving me insane!  After leaving it for a few months (and making the fixie hat instead) I stumbled across a revised version here and I finally managed to complete both boots first try.

I really hope that the Mummy loves these converse booties as much as I do :)

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