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Friday, 9 November 2012

Movember Inspired - Moustache Nail Art - DIY Silhouette Cameo

For those of you not in the know, Movember is the act of growing a moustache to raise money for Men's Health Charities.  Eh?!? I hear you cry!  Basically on the 1st November, a man is supposed to record a photo of his clean shaven face.  On a daily basis, a photo is taken to show the progress of the Moustache.  People will donate money to him, which in turn is then given to his preferred Male Health Charity.  November then becomes known as Mo-vember!

Personally I think it is just a bit of an excuse for men to try out the Grizzly Adams look without fear of repercussions/arguments; Significant others can not possibly complain about the new face fuzz, as it is all for a good cause ;)

To show my support for my male friends that are in the running this year, I decided to create some cute Moustache nail decals.  Okay, okay, you've got me.  Firstly its an excuse to use my Silhouette Cameo, secondly like most Etsy sellers, I am obsessed with accenting things with cute little Moustache's, and thirdly I had some spare vinyl from making my friend's wedding present :oP

You can either download a Moustache image direct from the Silhouette Store, or convert a royalty free jpeg.  I chose the latter as it allowed me to manipulate it however I wanted.

A quick scan of google found this rather wonderful nail art template;

To download - save as image and then open in Silhouette Studio - Re-Size to A4

After importing it the Silhouette Studio, I was able to paste my Moustaches in and adjust each size to fit the nails.  After I had my 10, I simply deleted the template and aligned all my nail decals in a line with little space between.

Using a scrap piece of vinyl I cut them out - If you are using a smaller then A5 piece, make sure you adjust the Cameo settings accordingly and always use a mat.  If you don't, you risk ruining both the blade and cutting into the plastic of the machine - believe me!

I originally used the pre-set vinyl settings, but my pinkie finger moustaches were ruined.  I slowed the speed right down to 2 and eased the pressure to only 5 - second cut was perfect!

Gather your manicure supplies;

I decided on flamingo pink as I love this combination with black!  I use MUA polish by Superdrug as I find it wonderful to apply, it is available in lots of cute colours and it only costs £1 a bottle!  Although I forgot to picture them, I have some Nail Art tweezers which have ironically been re-purposed as my vinyl tweezers.  They are thin, with a pronounced curve to the tip - this makes them great for gently lifting and applying the vinyl to nails.

I used two coats of the pink polish and waited patiently (well I distracted myself taking photos) between coats, and then after they were thoroughly dry I applied the decals.  This was a little tricky as ideally they should be centralized, and as anyone who regularly uses nail stickers knows - applying one handed is never easy!

The Result!

Enjoy :)


  1. Thanks for the template....but how do you resize it to A4? I'm a new cameo user.

    1. Hi there Angie, welcome to the wonderful world of Cameo :) Make sure your page is set up to A4 and then go to file --> open --> change file type from Silhouette Studio to All files --> locate the template and highlight --> press open.
      Once it has been imported into your Silhouette Studio, drag one of the outer corners to fit your A4 sheet.

      Hope that helps :)

  2. did you set it to fit landscape or portrait?

    1. If it is on A4, it shouldn't really matter. I fit mine to portrait though :)

  3. Where can I find that waterproof sticker vinyl and what is it called? Also, when you put the plastic thing into the cameo, it is sticky so what goes on top of the sticky part when you are cutting the vinyl? Thank you so much(:!

    1. Hi there cj, I just use standard black vinyl. It is stuck down to backing paper, and I stick the backing paper down onto the mat, so that the black glossy side is facing up.
      Once the silhoutte has cut out the shapes, I carefully peel off the surrounding black vinyl so the shapes are left stuck to the backing paper.
      The vinyl must be sealed with clear nail varnish to stop it peeling off straight away. I get mine in a4 sheets from vinyl :)

  4. I don't know if you're going to read this but thank you!! I am sooo excited that I found this :)