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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Eating out Vegan style - (or not so in last nights case)

It isn't impossible to enjoy a meal out and stick true to your vegan beliefs, but it is extremely hard and time consuming.  It kind of takes the fun and spontaneity away from enjoying a meal out, which is perhaps why so many slip up and stick to the mainstream vegetarian meals rather then Vegan.

There are many websites that can assist with vegan meal planning while out, but be prepared to have quite a limited selection.  You will also need to speak to your wait staff to specify you need a vegan meal - not the easiest thing to do if there is a language barrier.

Some chains do offer a vegan selection, but it wont always be possible to force your none vegan friends to eat where you need to.

Last night I went to Wagamamas, a past favourite restaurant of mine that we haven't been able to enjoy since Chris's misdiagnosis of being coeliac.  It was rather impromptu  I didn't check their website and when I found the menu lacking marked vegan foods, I chickened out :(

Trying to at least stick to vegetarianism, I selected a Yasai Katsu curry - It was delicious, but sadly not guilt free :( - It contained both egg and cow milk doh!

We rarely eat out, but from now on I will be sure to do my research before we leave the house.  And for the next impromptu meal out, I will be armed with my HappyCow VeginOut android app :)

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