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Monday, 1 April 2013

Pinterst Challenge #1 - Hand Painted Mug

So after getting re-addicted to pinterest a few weeks ago, I decided to set myself a challenge; find a DIY tutorial that was completely new to me, and try it out!

I came across a pin about painting ceramics and pottery, I was hooked!

I still had a glass/pottery pen left over from my wedding Mr and Mrs Glasses that I did last year;

I knew that I wanted to start with something simple that wouldn't take too long to make, I turned back to pinterest for further inspiration!

When I first saw this, I couldn't stop laughing!  My poor husband has had to put up with me singing it to him for the last few weeks - his patience is wearing thin.  I knew that if I were to make the actual cup, I may find myself drowned in the sweet nectar after my singing finally pushed poor Chris over the edge.

I wanted a witty, but simple cup.  After a bit of brain storming (and some rather un-ladylike inspiration swearing) I came up with "Mean Mug-a Cuppa".  I know I shouldn't, but I get a thrill from secretly saying the naughty version of 'Mother Fudger' when I am working at home alone, so this slogan seemed perfect for me!

Here is my finished project - I love it, and I am hoping to provide a DIY tutorial for anyone wanting to re-create their own :)

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